Mac Oh Lady Liquid Lipstick Review.


I was really excited about getting this product, because the color looks like Kourt K from Kylie Cosmetics, when I finally decided to get it. I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted this one or the shade darker which is High Drama, but I decided that I could wear this more often so I bought Oh Lady which costs me $20.00.

When I finally got home and I couldn’t wait to try this out. The packaging is pretty but weirdly shaped like the top is like a lipstick and the bottom like a regular lipgloss.

DSC_0251 (1)

So when I first put it on the smell was really soft kind of candyish and vanilla cup cake like a regular MAC lipstick and I can tell that this product is really well pigmented and I had a hard time putting it on perfectly which I failed to. After 10 minutes trying to have a decent finish, it looked amazing. It was very comfortable, it didn’t dried out my lips that much and it was really light, that at one point I forgot I had it on.


After wearing it for a couple of hours, I ate and after it started to fade on the inside of the lips. Maybe if I used a lip liner before it would be better, maybe more lasting and probably easier to apply. And the best thing is that it doesn’t transfer. But after all I still really love this color and this product.

It is a bit expensive for what is it but if you are looking for a matte liquid lipstick you can check out The Balm’s Meet Matt(e) Hughes, even though they don’t have this color.

But if you really want something like this color you can also check Colorpop’s “Bad Habit” which is only $6.00.


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