I bought this highlighter two weeks ago and I can say this stuff is just AMAZİNG, I’ve tried a lot of highlighters before and I finally found “The One”. This product is really pigmented and it lasts almost all day, at least on my skin it does, it gives you a really dewy look, with a good bronzer and blush this stuff looks so pretty on the face. It has a slightly creamy consistence, and it can last you forever since there’s a lot of product. I recommend using less and building in layers to better control since it is very shimmery. It totally worth the $32.00. I apply it with the 188SH Small Duo Fibre Face Brush from M.A.C. The only thing I don’t like about this product is that it gets everywhere, even though that might not be a problem for everyone I hate when the shimmer on the packaging and even on my fingertips. I highly recommend spraying MAC’s Fix+.


How I use it:

Since I love a really bold highlight look, before applying Soft and Gentle I use my Hoola Bronzer from Benefit to contour my cheekbones, I use High Beam liquid highlighter from Benefit, then I apply Soft and Gentle and I spray the MAC Fix+ so all stay in place throughout the day. The liquid highlighter makes it look more bold and last longer.


M.A.C products can be expensive but it is a really good brand and it is totally worth the price.



  1. Great post!! Yes, I have the same product by MAC but I have the “Gold Deposit” and it’s amazing!! Gives you that nice bronzed look for summer:)!!

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