How I store my makeup.

Organized makeup is probably my biggest turn on. Since I didn’t have a lot of makeup I didn’t feel the need to actually organize it. But early this year I figured out that I got a lot of new products, and it was time to do something about it. I was a really messy child back then but as I grew older I find out I love keeping stuff organized and clean, not in the level that a maniac would but I feel safe when it’s all organized and it motivates me. DSC_0305.jpg

This is how my makeup is organized. It’s not normally disposed here but I had a really hard time taking decent pictures, and it looked prettier here. As you can see I got 6 containers. It’s not ordered in a particular order though, except for the ” skin care” container I guess.


This first container I got from Muji mostly contains face products, some cream eye shadows, an eyeshadow palette, a contour palette, some primer, and some lip stuff. I really like this one because when you put stuff in it I think it looks pretty and really cute. When I first got it I didn’t know what to put it in.


This one is also from Muji and it has 6 different parts. I got some fixing spray, mascaras, bb cream, concealers, 1 or 2 eye pencils, highlighter, and some eyebrow plucking things. This one is really helpful when you are running late, you are able to find what you want, and it also looks really pretty, I feel like through all this article that the only thing I’ve said :).


This one is my favorite, you might have seen this kind of container all around YouTube. I actually got this 2 days ago, I was really excited when this arrived. I got this online, it was really cheap. I’m just in love with this *_* You can put a lot of things in it, eyeshadows, lipsticks, little palettes, lip liners, eye liner,s everything ! And of course as always it looks so pretty once filled in.


This was actually meant to put candles in it but because I’m such a rebel I put skin care thing in it like face cream, eye cream, lip balms, lens container, acne solution and some samples I should try. It’s not so big so I had to make a pile.


Probably one of my favorites. This was actually a glass cotton container but I put my makeup brushes inside and it does a pretty good job. My mom got this from Zara Home but I’m not quite sure. I’m thinking about buying some small beads to put in it. SO there’s all my brushes inside and my eyelash curler.


Last but not least, my makeup sponge container. I got this at the dollar store. I really love this one for it’s colors even though you can’t really see what the colors are like, it’s like greenish-turquoise.


I hope this article helped you and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Feel free to like and to let me know if you enjoyed it.


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