Lionesse Individual False Lashes Review

DSC_0399Lately I’ve been obsessed with long lashes, so I decided to buy these individual lashes from the drugstore since my lashes are not the longest.

DSC_0392This is how it looks like once you glued them all. Yes it does take a lot of time to put them all on but it’s worth it.

DSC_0385It doesn’t look THAT fake but they are still pretty long and thick. I really like the look of it. By the way excuse my bare face.

I will totally repurchase them and use them maybe on a daily basis if I’m not lazy. I tried a lot of methods to grow my lashes but ıt didn’t work as I wished so I decided to choose false lashes. I recommend using black lash glue.

They look pretty natural but are still long, they are light weight and you don’t feel them at all. Pretty good quality.

I hope this was helpfull, and helped you. Feel free to leave a comment.

Love you all ❤



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