I bought FAKE Kylie Jenner Lipkit ? Review.


The other day I was on this website where you can sell your used items. I was on the beauty section and I saw this Kylie Jenner Lipkit, and I bought it..

I bought “Dolce K”. At first I didn’t thought anything of it but when I looked online I knew mine was fake. I know you can’t really tell but there is some obvious thing to be aware of…

The quality of the lip pencil is pretty good, same  for the lipstick but it was really thin and liquidy… and the smell … omg the smell was so bad. I mean it smelled like the original one ( I hate the smell of these Kylie Jenner Lipkit) but it was way heavier and gross.

It is long lasting, I swatched it on my arm and it stay at least 2 days perfectly, no smudges etc… and I still hate the smell, it smells like some meds I used to have when I was a kid, and it’s just so gross.DSC_0466

This stuff was so liquidy, so thin, and the smell… The color is really pretty, but it was so dry that I had to apply some balm on. ( Excuse my desert looking lips )

IMG_2386 (1) This is the real Dolce K on my lips, the colors are pretty much similar.Be careful while buying online, this shit was more than $29… So never again…

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19 thoughts on “I bought FAKE Kylie Jenner Lipkit ? Review.

  1. It is never good to buy a fake product. Most importantly, for health reasons! Especially lippies because you tend to eat & drink, you wouldn’t be sure what sort of chemicals you’re consuming through it.

    Anyhow, love the post! At least, I’d know how to tell a fake from an original product now 😉

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  2. How do you know it was fake? I bought two on posh and they’re really thin and dry like you described. Also they smeared really easily. I tried it and after wearing a few hours, I broke out in like a rash on my upper lip and it was numb for like a week! The girl says it’s authentic but I don’t believe it.

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    1. I watched a video on YouTube where they compare the real one and the fake one … There’s plenty of videos like this online 🙂 mine didn’t broke me out … But I can’t stand the smell


  3. sorry out of topic here 😂 I was looking for Dolce K review but stumbled upon your post here.
    BTW Dolce K looks more ‘greige’ on you(it’s gorgeous tho!), I thought it looked more like nude brown or something 😳

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