Smells something different.

One day I saw Parisjbeauty’s article on wordpress and I emailed her, and this is what happened…

1. What interest you to begin a blog?

I really wanted to share my addiction/passion with as much people as I could. My family don’t really understand all this makeup addiction thing so I started this blog to express myself and share it …

2. How would you describe your content of your blog?

It’s more of a beauty related blog but I do fashion, lifestyle and pretty much everything but mostly beauty and makeup.

3. Describe yourself in three words

Passionate. Emotional. Caring

4. What inspires you to blog?

Everything inspires me really… I’m always thinking about the blog and how I could make it better.

5. What do you like about “parisjbeauty” beauty blog site?

I really like her personality and everything about her blog, she is really kind and sweet. In my opinion her blog should have way more followers because her content is really good.

6. Which bloggers inspires you?

I really like dazed and beautiful , she is really professional I really like her content. I can spend hours looking through her blog. And of course Parisjbeauty, she is such a cute woman, really kind, and her blog is amazing.

7. What is your favorite food?

I actually have 2 favorite food. Here In Turkey we have something called Mantı it’s some sort of ravioli with meat inside and of course I LOVE sushi.

8. Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

Hopefully in a good College doing something I love and enjoy, and making my family proud of me…

9. Favorite hobbies?

I really enjoy going shopping with my close friend, she is amazing I love spending time with her, she is amazing. I love taking photos for the blog that’s one of my favorite things along with recording videos and editing them, I also really enjoy reading and of course spending time with my boyfriend

10. Where do you see your blog site a year from now?

I have no idea, only the time will show. I don’t expect something crazy but we’ll see, if it grows it would be a great surprise.


  • Dazed and Beautiful:
  • Paris J Beauty:
Instagram: @dustngold
Snapchat: dustngold
Twitter: @dustandgold1

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