3 Mind blowing conspiracy theories !

Fist of all these are conspiracy “Theories” some people believe them and some don’t.

The Mandela effect 

The Mandela effect is when people remember something that actually didn’t happen or never existed… Confused yet ? Let me explain

Do you remember the Berenstein Bears actually a lot of people remember it just like you but when you look at the book now it’s Berenstain Bears. So the theory behind that is that our universe went into a parallel universe and little things have changed, but you still remember the thing before it got changed. That kinda explains why in the first universe it was Berenstein bears and it got changed into Berenstain bears,

Exemple we all remember the witch in Snow white says ” Mirror, Mirror on the wall…?” right ? Well it’s actually “Magic Mirror on the wall” you can check.

Interview with a vampire or Interview with the vampire ? It’s with THE vampire….

We all know this famous sentence “Luke I am your father” well it’s actually ” No, I am your father ” I checked !

Febreeze or Febreze ? It’s Febreze … How crazy ? I thought it was Febreeze but I checked it and it’s Febreze …

Avril Lavigne is Dead  ?

Apparently Avril was freaking out about the paparazzis and all this shit so she hired a lookalike called Melissa Vandela. Avril and Melissa got along really well, Melissa would walk around pretending to be Avril, so Avril could get rid of the paps. In 2003 Avril’s grandfather passed away and after that people say that she committed suicide and Melissa “became” Avril. When you look at pictures of her before 2003 and now there’s a huge different, her birthmarks, moles, pimples, her music changed, her voice, even her height got from 1,58m to 1,55 and now has a different nose shape. What do you think about this ?

Check this link: Avril Lavigne is Dead?

The airline companies want to kill us ?

If you’ve ever been on a plane you know about the “safe” crash position that is supposed to safe you from a plane crash, False!… Actually this position might not be safe at all.

You may or may not know but if your plane crashes and you survive you can sue the airline company. Because they don’t want you do sue them they actually teach you a position that actually kills you, how ? It’s simple head down, hug your knees, this will actually kill you because when the plane crashes your head hits the seat behind you and you break your neck, and this position keeps your teeth intact so they can identify your body…. I hope this is not true to be honest…


“Man will never fly” 

There is a “man will never fly” conspiracy theory that says that all airplanes are actually bullet trains and the passengers are fooled into thinking that they are flying. No need to say anything else…


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7 thoughts on “3 Mind blowing conspiracy theories !

  1. There’s actually an episode of the old Twilight Zone scifi series where an astronaut goes into space (I told you it was old), disappears from radar for 24 hours and then returns to Earth. When he gets back, random things are just a little bit different (his house now has a fence around it). The reason? You guessed it. He’s in an alternate, parallel universe. Pretty good episode. 🙂

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