Friendship: My Journey

“A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.”- Jim Morrison

When I was a little child I used to have two real best friends. We used to do everything together. At that time I was living in Paris. One of them moved really far away and we only got to see each other once a year. As the years passed I moved to Turkey and we grew up apart .

 I had a few friendships like this but nothing too serious.

I met this girl at the end of primary school, she was two years younger and we fought all the time. At this time we were not friend, we hated each other. Two years later I found out that she will be in the same bus as me. We were not friends since a few weeks later. We became the best friends ever. We were living really close to each other so we would hang out all the time. As the time passed she got me into a lot of trouble, I was too blind to see it but everyone around warned me about her, EVERYONE. We spent 4 years being best friends, we would fight, we would laugh, we would cry together, she was literally my sister. I’m not the kind of person that says to everyone “omg your are lit my sister” but she was just like a sister to me. So last year when school started everything was fine it was all normal, I had some new friends and she did too, I also got a boyfriend and that’s when she started being all weird etc. We would have lunch together sometimes but as the time passed we didn’t talk at all. One day I sent her a text saying “Whats going on ?” she sent me a text saying how bad of a friend I was… So that’s basically how me and my best friend were just strangers to each other…

In 2013 I met this guy on facebook, we started talking on what’s app and stuff like that. Few months passed and then we started developing a friendship. For the one who says ” a girl and a guy can’t be “just friends”” Yes they can, we were just FRIENDS just so it’s clear. At the end of June 2014 he came in Turkey to visit me and one of his really close friends who was also our mutual friend. I remember so well this day, I was so excited to finally get to see him in real life, we spend few hours together and he had to go… I still remember that moment, I hugged him and I started crying, he promised me that we would skype and still talk  everyday. We took pictures and when you look at those you can see how happy we were well at least I was, I don’t know about him…. I never met in real life someone that I met online, so it was the first time it happened (Disclaimer as I said we had a mutual friend that is in my school so I knew he was not a 50 years old pedophile). So he went back to his country. We were talking almost everyday for almost a year and that’s when things got a little bit odd… I would text him and he would ignore me and then text me 3 hours later, I would stay up late just so we could talk, he would not text me at all if I didn’t text him first… I remember so well it all started 2 weeks before the actual thing happened but we’ll get into this later. so he was oddly close to me, he would say stuff he never told me before, to be honest I was like ” Oh maybe he finally figured out that he was a fucking asshole” but no… Hold on, it was few days before our 2 years of friendship I was out with my family and he started texting me weird stuff but like really weird stuff I’m not gonna say what “he” told me because it was not him… All that night I was talking to his girlfriend, I not even gonna bother talking about her. Anyways she told me that since 2 weeks she wanted to do an experiment on me because she was suspicious that I had some feelings for him… how pathetic. She started insulting me and sending me voicenote with him laughing in the back… I don’t remember what she told me because the fact that she was hurting my feelings and having him laugh at this was just like a huge disappointment, I mean just imagine your best friend doing that to you, imagine how hurt you’ll be. At this moment I held back my tear because I didn’t want to ruin our dinner. Once we went back home I didn’t cry at all because at this point I was too surprised to think straight, I block his number. The next day, that’s when I realized what happened the night before and I had an emotional breakdown… Now it’s been almost a year since that fight and I’m doing really well.

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Love you all ❤



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3 thoughts on “Friendship: My Journey

  1. That’s so sad. It’s is horrible how people can be so pathetic and Petty. Most of my friendships have gone sour and we ended up not being friends anymore, but it was never this bad. I hope you end up getting friends who are real friends. No one should have to go through things like this. It’s good you’re doing better, I hope your next friendships go a lot better.❤

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  2. Omg thank you SO much for actually posting this! It’s so sad to know that people have been so shitty to you in the past, but you still have a long way ahead of you and you’re going to meet so many wonderful people along the way!

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